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Gibraltar – The Sunniest Part of the UK…

Gibraltar – The Sunniest Part of the UK…

There are lots of reasons to love Gibraltar.

Its Mediterranean climate means 300 days of sunshine a year. It’s status as a British overseas territory means anyone with a UK passport can live here. And, a bit like Monaco’s relationship with France, Gibraltar can have its own tax regime and has used that freedom to carve out a uniquely attractive proposition for UK and international citizens.

This 6.8 square kilometres of land on the southern tip of Spain is dominated by the limestone ridge that is the Rock of Gibraltar. Almost every vantage point offers stunning views, either across to North Africa or the Mediterranean. Its own international airport means great connections to the rest of Europe.


Its location makes Gibraltar a natural bridge between Europe and Africa, and that duality is reflected in the local cuisine. If all that seafood and spice gets too foreign for your tastes, head across to the Lord Nelson for traditional fish and chips with my favourite mushy peas.

They’ve squeezed a lot into Gibraltar over the years, yet 40% of its landmass remains devoted to a nature reserve protected by law. The Rock is home to more than a hundred Barbary macaques who are not shy in coming forward – they’re the only wild monkeys in Europe so they deserve their celebrity treatment.
If botany is more your thing, the Alameda Gardens cover 8 acres with plants and trees that have been tended here since 1816.

We can’t mention Gibraltar without bringing up the topic of tax.

HEPPS for Senior Executives

For a start, there’s no VAT, no inheritance tax, no wealth tax and no capital gains tax. If you’re the profile of person I think you are, that alone will make a multi-million pound difference to your Lifetime Tax Bill.

And there’s more. A special scheme exists called Category 2 residence which qualifies you to pay a maximum of £27,560 tax on your worldwide income. If you can prove a £2 million plus net worth and do not intend to have a job or run a business in Gibraltar, chances are you will qualify.

But only if you own a Category 2 qualifying property, which is where Opulent Homes come in.

Category 2 for HNW Families

We can introduce you to the most outstanding dream homes in the most sought after region of Gibraltar, the South District. Away from the noise of the town centre, and from the mist that often settles on that part of the territory, you’ll enjoy the best views from the terrace of a detached villa that you can help to design.If botany is more your thing, the Alameda Gardens cover 8 acres with plants and trees that have been tended here since 1816.

The computer generated images don’t do justice to what you can create in your own piece of heaven here in one of the most tax efficient territories in Europe. If you dream of a super-sized home, at this stage there is scope to combine two plots and build a veritable palace. Let’s start a conversation and see if Gibraltar could be the best place to begin the next season of your life.

Please take a moment to request full details of our Gibraltar Portfolio.

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