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Montenegro – residency and Citizenship by Investment programme

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There are two ways you can call Montenegro home – with a residency permit and with the new citizenship by investment programme.

Residency is the easiest way to spend more time here – all you need to do is acquire a piece of real estate in the country and our team of English speaking accountants and lawyers can arrange everything for you. They will set up a limited company in Montenegro which means you can reclaim the 21% VAT on your new home – the money will usually be back in your account within two or three months.

You become chief executive of the new company which means you also get a work permit, handy if you want to start or relocate a business in this world of 9% corporation tax and 9% capital gains tax. You can also use the company to process any rental income if you decide to let the property when you are not using it. 

Once you have completed the property purchase our team will spend a morning driving you round the relevant government ministries to apply for your work and residency permits. Their local connections mean you jump the long queues and get the whole process sorted in a few hours. They’ll also introduce you to a local bank and get your domestic and international accounts set up on the spot.

There’s no minimum time you need to spend to keep your residency permit and the renewal process is even faster than the initial application.

Marina at exclusive property in Montenegro

If you’d like to go a step further and obtain a Montenegrin passport with access to 122 countries, there are just 2,000 slots available on the new Citizenship by Investment programme. For this we’ll help you choose a qualifying property with a minimum investment of €450,000 plus there’s a €100,000 donation to assist the government in developing the country’s infrastructure. There are additional smaller fees if you’d like passports for your spouse and children. We will introduce you to one of the three agencies authorised to handle your application so you’ll be in safe hands and avoid any silly administrative errors that could jeopardise your success.

Once you’ve experienced Montenegro I’m sure you’ll want to spend more time here. The good news is that there are now two ways you can do that. Both involve acquiring a home and having an expert team to guide you through the process. Opulent is here to help you choose your new home and introduce you to the most appropriate experts to turn your dream into a reality.