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Montenegro – Europe’s Best Kept Secret!

Montenegro - Europe's Best Kept Secret!

Contact us today to learn more about Europe's Best Kept Secret!

Located on the eastern side of the Adriatic facing Italy, the tiny country of Montenegro combines a Mediterranean climate with a welcoming attitude to overseas investors.

Owning a home here means you can obtain a resident permit in a beautiful country while having the option to base your business here and enjoy one of the lowest tax regimes in Europe.

Investing in a country you’re not familiar with can seem daunting, so we’ve assembled an English speaking team of lawyers and accountants who can take you through the whole process.

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The founders of Opulent, Graham and Daphne Rowan, went through this process in 2019 and now have a base in the delightful resort of Tivat on the Adriatic coast.

Our carefully curated selection of the finest properties in Montenegro is waiting for your inspection, from sumptuous apartments to townhouses and villas.

Contact us today to learn more about Europe’s best kept secret.

Venetian buildings remain standing to this day.​

Little is known of where the name Tivat originates, but it’s clear that the town of 14,000 inhabitants has been linked to some impressive European neighbours. It was part of the Republic of Venice from 1420 to 1797 and some Venetian buildings remain standing to this day.

Coat of Arms - Republic of Venice

The town developed rapidly in the second half of the 19th century when the Austrian Empire built a maritime base here for its fleet. This naval arsenal witnessed a revolt against the Austrians by local sailors in 1918 and was taken over by the Italians in World War 2. After the war it became a base for the Yugoslav People’s Army, and there are still two submarines and a maritime museum to remind you of Tivat’s naval past.

When I walked round the larger submarine I was surprised to see Mercedes engines and Decca radar equipment in a craft built in communist era Yugoslavia. However, a quick check of my history books shows that the West viewed Yugoslavia as a ‘half way house’ between us and the Iron Curtain so there was clearly some co-operation with Tito’s regime.

Things to see and do in Montenegro

The Montenegro Citizenship by Investment programme

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